This was an ITV series about two high-ranking British police officers–Detective Chief Inspector Danny Lloyd (Philip) and Detective Inspector Judy Hill (Michelle Collins) of the (fictional) Bartonshire cop shop. They have been together for many years, and still maintain separate residences. She is smart and ambitious, determined to succeed on her own, even though her present unplanned pregnancy might slow things down; he is supportive but secretly wishes for a more old-fashioned kind of relationship. They know each other well: she tolerates his smugness and flair for dramatic effect; he appreciates her cool logic and occasionally brilliant insights. This 2001 ITV series was based on the novel by Jill McGown.

Writing credits (in alphabetical order): Richard Maher, writer; Jill McGown: novel Directed by Philippa Langdale Produced by: Charles Elton …. executive producer Charles Hubbard …. line producer Lars MacFarlane …. producer Jonathan Powell …. executive producer Carlton TV for ITV 2001