This two-part drama series was made by Granada Television for ITV in 2005.

Philip played Dougie Molloy. Part one follows Dougie whose 15-year-old daughter, Pippa, went missing three years ago. Refusing to give up hope of finding her, Dougie threw in his school teaching job and became a mini-cab driver, searching for her as he drives the streets.
Dougie blames himself for her disappearance and has been accused of killing her. Much to his surprise he has found love and happiness again with divorcee Maggie Shields.
Six months into the relationship, Dougie’s plan to move in with Maggie is not exactly welcomed by her 16-year-old daughter Scarlett. She rejects his over-protectiveness and turns to her barrister father, Christopher, for support.
Christopher, who can’t help resenting Dougie, voices concerns about his past and showers undue attention on Scarlett.
Trouble flares when Maggie and Dougie announce they are getting married.

Part two sees Scarlett’s boyfriend Luke discovering a video of Scarlett, taken by Christopher, which doesn’t always seem exactly fatherly. Also his computer has registered hits to a pornographic, sado-masochistic website.
Maggie’s concern over Scarlett’s disappearance is exacerbated by a claim from one of Dougie’s ex-pupils, who says he is the father of her child. Is Dougie a good guy who has made some poor decisions or a secret malevolent?
He and Christopher join forces to search for Scarlett and turn their attention to her boyfriend, Luke.
Meanwhile, stricken by her conscience after reading about Scarlett’s disappearance, Pippa returns, easing police suspicions about Dougie, but she presents him with a problem of her own. She does however, help him to unearth the unsavoury goings-on of Luke and his boss Shapiro and the link to Scarlett.

Cast: Philip Glenister, Janine Carrington, Lindsey Coulson, Lucy Evans, John Rowe, Vanessa Knox-Mawer, Thea Day, Vashti MacLachlan, Trish Cooke, Robert Bathurst Written by Simon Booker Director Ashley Pearce, Produced by: Joanna Gueritz …. line producer Alison Lumb …. producer Carolyn Reynolds …. executive producer Granada TV for ITV 2005